Our baseball team had a team party at a buddies house in Leucadia. I decided after two cold ones to put up the drone and capture some cool Leucadia Real Estate photos. I love this area of North Leucadia, Encintas West of 5 Homes, where you can walk to South Carlsbad State Beach AKA PONTO. I surf Ponto once in a while, its a great peaky wave that barrels when its on. Its very tide and wind sensitive. The tide is signficaly affected because the river mouth from the Batiquitos Lagoon drains naturally, so when the tide drops there is a pretty big rip.

This area of Leucadia Real Estate is changing big time. I think there is a lot of up side in this section of Encinitas Homes west of 5 freeway. The above photos shows SEABLUFFE, which is a gated oceanfront condo community. Seabluffe has it’s own private beach access.

Leucadia Ocean View Homes
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