I just showed/ previewed Leucadia-Encinitas Oceanfront Real Estate off Neptune close to Beacons Beach. I’m extremely familiar with this area of Real Estate in Leucadia near Beacons Beach. When I used to….LIVEINLEUCADIA, I surfed Beacons for a few years consistently and fell in love with this area. I’d pretty much do anything to LIVEINLEUCADIA walking distance to Beacons, Moonlight, Grandview, Ponto, Swamis, etc.

The home I checked out is listed for 2.8 million and some change and is/was a 2 bedroom Oceanfront Home For Sale with a detached guest house/room. I’d take this as my dream home any day, but I’d really have to have a 3rd bedroom inside the house because I have two children. The guest house on this Leucadia Property seemed like a perfect office or man cave area, if you didn’t need to make it the guest house.